Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yellowfin Tuna Haul

More proof that Mikelson's catch fish! This is a photo from one of our Mikelson 57's out in Ensenada catching Yellowfin Tuna!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Silver Gate Yacht Club's Make a Wish Fishing Tournament

New banners hanging around Shelter Island boast proud granddaughter of Mikelson 50' owners Dave and Janet Dennison. Their boat named 'Janet Lou' won the Make a Wish Fishing Tournament at the Silver Gate Yacht Club last year. Further proof that Mikelson's catch fish!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mikelson Yachts Catalina Island Rendezvous

             Things are busy over here in the office getting everything ready for our favorite time of year—the Rendezvous! For this year’s Rendezvous we’re throwing it back to the 80’s!  We are excited for another fun-filled event this year so come on down August 21st-24th to Two Harbors in Catalina for a groovy time! It would be greatly appreciated if you could send us your completed forms (619-223-1194 by fax or by email) along with putting a check in the mail for $250.00 (which includes dinner for up to 4 people) to our delicious prime rib dinner on Saturday night.
            We’ve got dancin’ fever just thinking about getting to see all of our friends—both seasoned Mikelson owners and the totally new rad owners—so be sure to break out the neon tights, leg warmers, shoulder pads, and those high top sneakers for our flash back costume contest! Let’s make all of Catalina think that they have traveled back in time for a weekend of retro fun.
            Boats will start getting together Thursday August 21st in Two Harbors, Catalina. We highly encourage everyone to get there early for the best shot to moor your boats in Cherry Cove or near our central meeting site on Isthmus Beach for Saturday’s festivities. Catalina doesn’t offer reservations for moorings, so if you arrive late you could be out of luck for a good spot.
           After you arrive and get settled, kindly look for one of our Mikelson hospitality members to greet you with your goodie bag and sign in. Your goodie bag will be chock full of Island Rendezvous merchandise, such as preordered T-shirts, hats, visors and tokens from our sponsors. Your bag will also contain your Saturday Prime Rib Dinner ticket for everyone registered in your party.
 This year’s good time will tentatively include:
Friday, August 22nd:
Poker Run 2-4pm
Cocktail Bingo and Happy Hour-- starts at 5pm
Saturday, August 23rd:
*3 hour dinghy fishing tournament starting from Sealoon Mikelson 50’: 8-11am after which, head down to our beach area with the Mikelson flags.
*Captain Pablo’s Retro Trivia: 5pm
*Psychadelic Island Punch Contest: 6:15pm
*Prime Rib Dinner to follow contest
*Funky Flash Back 80’s costume contest
Slide show and live music
*BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage): Mikelson will supply water and soda pop

The Benefits of Custom Yachts

The Benefits of Custom Yachts

Purchasing a luxury yacht or deep sea fishing boat can be a complicated process, with the wide range of different factors that most buyers typically consider before choosing the vessel that is perfect for them and meets their needs. One of the most important decisions buyers in this position can make is whether or not to have their boat custom built.
Custom yachts can come in a wide variety of different types and with many different features, but most custom-designed yachts and luxury sport fishing boats share a number of common elements that may make them an attractive option for customers considering purchasing a luxury yacht for fishing for marlin and other deep sea fish.

Common Benefits of Custom Yachts

The following is a brief explanation of some of the most important and common benefits of custom built and designed luxury yachts:
  • Cost – because buyers are purchasing directly from the manufacturer, they are able to avoid dealer markups and get a better deal on their boat.
  • Customization – inherent in the nature of a custom-built yacht is the ability for it to be designed with the specific needs and interests of the buyer in mind.
  • Resale value – in many cases, custom built yachts retain their value better than conventional, pre-built luxury yachts.
These are just some of the many benefits of choosing a custom built luxury yacht.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mikelson Yachts FAQ's!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering purchasing a luxury yacht or sport fishing boat, you likely have a number of different questions about the different options available to you, financing, customization, and more. At Mikelson Yachts, we understand how important it is to you to know that you’re getting the luxury motor yacht you want for the best deal possible. Thus, we have put together the following list of questions we are frequently asked, along with their answers, giving you immediate access to the information you are seeking.

Although we update these questions regularly, if you would prefer to talk directly to a member of our customer service team or do not currently see the answer you are looking for, please contact us today at (619) 222-5007.

How can a custom luxury yacht company save me money?
When people are considering purchasing a custom sport fishing boat or luxury yacht, they often tend to assume that a custom boat will cost them more. However, custom construction can actually help to provide enhanced value as custom sport fishing boat companies are able to purchase their equipment and materials directly from the manufacturer, allowing them to save on the price that customers will ultimately be charged for their vehicle.

How far can I go in my luxury fishing yacht?
Many fishers, both at the amateur and professional levels, who enjoy deep sea fishing want to be able to take their motor yachts out on the ocean to a considerable distance. While not all motor yachts and speedboats are equipped to manage these types of ranges, medium and long-range deep sea fishing yachts, such as the M70 Long Range Luxury Sportfisher, have the capacity to reach ports in Mexico and beyond for West Coast fishers and islands like the Bahamas for those traveling on the east coast.

Why should I choose Mikelson Yachts?
If you’re in the market for a luxury yacht or sportfisher, the experienced team at Mikelson Yachts can help to provide you with the vessel of your dreams. We build custom yachts designed to meet the most precise needs of our clients, and we provide a level of quality that simply cannot be beat. Additionally, because we purchase our materials and equipment directly from the manufacturer, we are able to pass along savings to clients with which other yacht dealerships and manufacturers simply cannot compete.

What are the benefits of having my luxury yacht custom built?
When shopping for a luxury yacht or deep sea fishing boat, one of the choices you should consider is whether or not custom yacht construction may be the right choice for you. There are a number of different benefits that choosing to have your luxury yacht custom built can offer: you have far more input on the ultimate design and construction of your boat, you can usually expect a better customer service experience from the company building your yacht, and in many cases, you can actually save money by having the boat custom built rather than purchasing a comparable ready-made yacht. Additionally, in many cases, resale values on custom-built yachts are considerable.

What are the differences between the different models you offer?
At Mikelson Yachts, we are proud to offer customers a wide range of different deep sea fishing yachts to choose from, ranging from our introductory-level M43 Sportfisher to the M75 Long Range Luxury Sportfisher. There are a number of differences between the models in our product line, chief among them the size of the vessels, the number of rooms and passengers they can accommodate, and the range they may be able to travel. In addition, as a custom luxury yacht builder, we can provide customers with a wide range of custom enhancements to any of our yachts.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mikelson Yachts Summer Service Specials

Service Special

Limited Time Offer!


Mikelson Yachts is offering a limited time service special to our loyal customers. Choose from the options below and call or email Capt. Paul Fecteau to schedule your service appointment! Service is provided with the option of in your slip or at our dock.

Contact Capt. Paul Fecteau: 619.846.0507 –


Choose from:

60 Point Inspection Checklist

-with written report- $120.00

 Cycle through Hulls, Test all Pumps and Systems/Lighting, Check Oil Levels, etc.

Mechanical Services:

Replace Genset, Engine & Gear Zincs and Check Impellers- $220.00

Complete Engine/Gear Saltwater Cooling System Flush w/ Descaling Solution- $395.00 (per engine)

(Lowers operating engines temperatures by as much as 20 degrees)


Exterior Cosmetic Services:


Gelcoat/Stainless inspection + Polish & Wax - $35.00 (per foot)

*Includes minor Gelcoat repair and two part Teak cleaning


Engine Room Detail- from $350.00

(Includes De-rust/Touch ups +Bilges wiped down and sanitized)


Window Resealing:

-labor only-


Front Windows- $800.00


Side Windows- $400.00


Port Hole- $200.00


*Other services are available upon request and are limited to available service time.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Point Loma Little League

Over here at Mikelson Yachts, we love getting involved in our community and showing our support. One of our favorite things to get involved in is Point Loma Little League! We have been a proud sponsor of PLLL for many years! We are thrilled that we have been able to be a part of such a great program for so long. We had a great season this year and are looking forward to another great season next year!

 Check out this awesome jersey the team gave us to say thank you!